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7 Tips to Perfectly Radiant Winter Skin

7 Tips to Perfectly Radiant Winter Skin

Whilst the change of season is often welcomed after a long hot summer, unfortunately the cooler months are not kind to the skin. The combination of low humidity in the air as well as cool winds, air-conditioning heating and long hot showers lead to moisture loss and the skin then suffers unavoidable dryness and dehydration.

Here are our top tips to keeping your skin looking and feeling supple and youthful throughout winter.

1. Change up your prescribed skincare

As the season changes it’s important that so to do some of the products that you have been prescribed by our skin experts. As your skin becomes a little more dehydrated through winter, your skin may benefit from a more nourishing formulation to keep your skin texture smooth, soft and supple.

A skin prescription at Navanah Skin and Beauty is updated at the beginning of each new season for exactly this reason, skin changes with the season and we want your skin to be at its strongest and healthiest all year round.

If you have yet to receive a Skin Prescription then ask one of our therapists about how you can receive a complimentary skin consultation and get started on your journey to lifelong radiant skin.

2. SPF is essential… even in winter

This one we will keep repeating until finally everyone is on board!

For healthy skin, it is essential that you wear an SPF every day rain hail or shine! Don’t neglect this is the winter months. It is just as important to apply your SPF in winter as it is in summer. Whilst UVB rays may be less able to burn your skin, the UVA rays responsible for ageing your skin are present all year round. Don’t forget to apply to the face, neck, décolletage and the tops of your hands.

3. Hylauronic Acid – The Hydration Hero

Hylauronic acid is the super hero in skin hydration, it is a topically applied ingredient that can hold 1000 times it’s weight in water, making this ingredient an absolute MUST when it comes to hydration

Not all formulations are the same!

For the ultimate boost of hydration, The Ultraceuticals B2 Hydrating Serum, synergistically restores vital moisture balance to the skin to provide long lasting hydration. This, teamed with your moisturiser will keep your skin soft and supple all winter long.

4. Don’t forget your water bottle

We spend all of summer getting about with our gigantic 2 litre water bottles but come winter we tend to turn to hot drinks such as tea, milo and coffee and forget about the importance of our water intake. Start your day off with a cup of warm water with fresh lemon to detoxify. Throughout the day keep up with your water intake and include herbal teas to keep you warm and hydrated. You will notice a difference in your skin when it’s well hydrated from the inside out.

5. Why you Mask?

For a super boost that your SKIN will LOVE- don’t forget the benefits of applying a face mask two to three times a week. This is something you can do in the comfort of your home. It is the pick me up that can make all the difference for thirsty distressed and dehydrated skin.

We love the Ultra Replenishing mask, this is a rich, non-greasy formula that contains a powerful blend of barrier repair agents. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, shae butter, ceramide 3 and vitamin E help to replenish vital hydration levels. This can be applied 3 times a week and removed after 15 minutes. Or, for a mask you can sleep in overnight, try our Energizing Mask!

6. Facial More

The cooler months are the best time to book yourself in for a set of results driven facial peels. With less sunlight, the UV levels are lower, and offer a perfect environment to heal your skin faster. The harsh conditions in winter cause skin to becomes taught and dry, Rosacea and eczema are more likely to flare up and oily skin types become over dry, stimulating excess oil production and promoting skin breakouts. A skin peel will help target these problems. Our Paramedical skin solutions offer outstanding results and if you just want to indulge, warm up and relax then try one of our gorgeous signature facials

7. Avoid Hot showers

It’s so tempting to indulge in long hot showers to get out of the cold but unfortunately this does dehydrate the skin. Some other tips to keep skin glowing and radiant are to use your shower time to exfoliate your body, as soon as you’re out of the shower slather your body in a quality moisturiser – We stock and recommend The Ultra Retexturizing Complex– This fast-absorbing dual-action body lotion helps dramatically improve the appearance of dehydrated, dull and coarse skin texture. It is formulated with a powerful blend of Lactic Acid, Niacinamide and potent moisturising biomimetic ingredients to simultaneously provide deep exfoliation with superior hydration benefits. This is the one we use and love for its hydration benefits.

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