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Confused about how much skin care to use?

Confused about how much skin care to use?

After many years of trying, I finally got my husband to start using skin care YAY! The thing that hasn’t been such a celebration is sharing a bathroom with someone who was new to skin care and seeing how badly he both over used soooo many products and misused them.

I started to think, how many people may be doing the same thing? Going through their valuable products quicker than they should be? Or not seeing as significant results as they should be because potentially their active products aren’t being used to their full potential?

Because I can’t be standing beside each and every one of your gorgeous faces whilst you apply your products every morning and evening, like I could with my husband, I thought I’d put together a guide with some product usage tips that WILL make a big difference to not only how your skin feels but how often you need to restock them.

Tips for using your at home care products


If using a milk or gel cleanser, use a full pea sized amount for each cleanse. If you have a foaming cleanser, you really don’t need too much at all. I would recommend a half a pea size for each cleanse. When mixed with water and foamed, it will go a long way.


2-3 pumps – Serum isn’t designed to feel “saturated”. You really only need enough to spread quickly over your face and absorb. Not so much that you “moisturised”. Your moisturiser will take care of that.

Ultraceuticals Vitamin A and Vitamin C

Your Vitamin A products (including eye cream) are best used in the evening and need to be massaged into the skin, this is very important as the vitamin A that is in this product is encapsulated in wax in order to preserve it, so we activate the retinol by massaging it into the skin, the same goes for your Vitamin C Eye Cream and C23 Firming Concentrate make sure these products aregently massaged into the skin

Your active treatment products are the ones that can biologically change the skin so check with your therapist to make sure you are using your Vitamin A, Vitamin C and liquid exfoliants in the right quantities, applying them correctly and using them at the right time of day- Little changes can make a big difference!


This one is about a pea sized amount- maybe a tiny little bit more to cover your neck and chest too. You may need to add a little more depending on the formulation.


The size of an almond- Exfoliants usually aren’t foaming so you will need slightly more than you would of cleanser. If you are using an exfoliating serum such as Even skin tone serum or Brightening Serum then refer to the serum advice- these should not feel saturating on the skin

Eye Cream

About the size of a grain of rice, split between BOTH eyes. Eye creams that include Vitamin A and C should only be applied under the eye area and to the brow bone where as a hydrating eye cream without active ingredients can be spread all over your eyes, lid included.

Broad spectrum Sunscreen

For your face, neck and décolletage it is 6 pumps of the Protective Daily Moisturiser, you will spread this over your face, down your neck, sweep over your décolletage and finish on the back of your neck- Every day.. rain or shine

Hot Tip: Make sure that you leave time for each product to penetrate into the skin before applying the next one – This will ensure each product reaches its full potential and enhances your results

Our helpful Navanah Skin Experts are always here to help, you can call us at the salon or email us any time with you skin care questions and we will get back to you asap.

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