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Booking Deposit System

I’m sure upon making a booking at our salon that you secured your booking with a deposit, but do you fully understand why and how it all works?

What is it?

When booking an appointment at our salon we kindly ask you over the phone for a $30 deposit to secure that booking. In paying your deposit you are agreeing to give us a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to reschedule. If for whatever reason you cannot make it your appointment and don’t provide us with 24 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule then unfortunately you do forfeit your $30.

Reminding you of your booking time

We try our hardest to avoid this situation and, for appointments booked in advance, we will send a confirmation message 48 hours prior as a reminder of your booking time, if you really cannot make itand want to avoid losing your deposit then we recommend thatyou send a friend or family member in your place and they can use your deposit to secure their booking

What happens to my deposit if I do provide 24 hours’ notice to cancel?

Your deposit will be fully refunded or reallocated to a future appointment, whichever you choose

Why rescheduling & cancelling are the same

Please know that rescheduling an appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice is the same as cancelling as we are still unable to offer that appointment time to another client

WHY do you take deposits?

After years of experiencing a HIGH volume of time wasters, clients who made continuous bookings and then never showed up or gave us the courtesy of a phone call, we realized how many of our wonderful, loyal clients this was affecting, they were unable to book in on a Saturday or late night or our busy morning periods, Not to mention Christmas and long weekends where everyone wants to be in at the same time, so to eliminate this issue we decided on a booking deposit system.

Why it’s all about you, the client

We assure you that our number one priority and passion is our gorgeous clients and we put our heart and souls into trying our very hardest to be the most exceptional beauty and skin clinic. Everything we do is with honesty, integrity and always in the best interest of our clients, so we assure you there is no money making involved with the deposit system it is simply a gesture of respect for our time.

This deposit system allows us to offer our clients the most convenient appointment times, staff our salon effectively, hire AMAZING therapists and to introduce the new treatments that our clients most want!

We thank you for your ongoing support and loyalty.

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